Haiti, I Love You

It’s now been one month since the most tragic events to hit my beautiful island of Haiti. All Haitians in the world are mourning. Even though I was not born or even raised there, Haiti flows in my veins and in my heart. The last month has been hard for me knowing that I was there, on vacation for the holidays, 2 weeks prior to the events and knowing that I’ve lost friends, family members and people that I will never be able to see again. However, I console myself by knowing that the last memories of them were joyful.

Being where I am right now, I feel completely useless, I should be there with my brothers, my sisters to help them rebuilt, to heal the sick, to feed the poor. However, the circumstances do not allow me to do so at this moment. For who ever can help and have been helping, I thank you.

Please remember once thing, even though monumental places, artifacts, houses were completely destroyed by the earthquake, rest assured that the love and passion of the Haitians was not destroyed.

We thank God for the gift of life and we will always remember the ones that we’ve lost. 

Ayiti mwen rinmen-w, Haiti I love you. 

Hans-Woosly Balan

TWU Local 602, Montreal