Election Results

On Wednesday, November 24th 2010, The CBTU held its elections and here are the results:

President: Janice Gairey (OFL)

1st Vice President: Andrea McCormack (OPSSU)

2nd Vice President: Holmann Richard (PSAC)

Recording Secretary: Maureen King (COPE 343)

Financial Secretary: Marcia Lopez (USW)

Membership Secretary: Marie Clark Walker (CLC)

Communications Secretary: Isabelle Miller (TWU)

Member at Large: Sharon Paris (CUPW)

Member at Large: John Odell (CEP)

Trustee: Edwina Bascombe-Buhnai (SEIU)

Trustee: Yolanda McClean (CUPE)

Congratulations to all!

CBTU Board (Isabelle Miller and John Odell missing)

John Odell

Isabelle Miller

President Janice Gairey (OFL)

Ist Vice President Andrea McCormack (OPSSU)

2nd Vice President Holmann Richard (PSAC)

Recording Secretary Maureen King (COPE 343)

Financial Secretary Marcia Lopez (USW)

Membership Secretary Marie Clark Walker (CLC)

Communications Secretary Isabelle Miller (TWU)

Member at Large Sharon Paris (CUPW)

Member at Large John Odell (CEP)

Trustee Edwina Bascombe-Buhnai


Trustee Yolanda McClean (CUPE)