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Below is a general update on for CBTU and our Chapter:

The Region 1 Conference is taking place at the Sheraton Hotel Atlantic City August 23-26 2012 at a pre-registration cost of $180 if submitted by July 30. They are encouraging Chapters to bring youth participants at a cost of $ 80.00 for registration so if you have any children/grandchildren that would like to attend please let  Andrea McCormack know by email at  [email protected]. We are hoping to sponsor a few youth from the Chapter to attend. Forms were included in the call out package. The Chapter needs to put forward names for the Region 1/ 3 regular awards and the special Award of Distinction, so if you have any recommendations please forward them to Marie C Walker at [email protected]. A bio and the reason why the person should receive the award should be included in the recommendations.

The next CBTU International Convention will be held in Orlando Florida from May 23 -27, 2013.

For those who didn’t attend the national Convention , we proudly announce that Terry Melvin is now the new International President of CBTU!!!

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Dear CBTU Brother and Sisters:


I am excited to announce that the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Annual Region 1 Conference will be held July 19-21, 2024, at The Doubletree Hotel, 6301 State Route 298, East Syracuse, NY. 

Continuing the celebration of the International CBTU 53rd Anniversary, our theme is also “Never Back, Always Forward: Hate Cannot Erase Us.”  The agenda will consist of education and information that will give us an opportunity to reflect on our power and influence in the labor movement and our communities in the fight for social and economic justice.


In solidarity

Sharon Lovelady-Hall, CBTU Region 1 Director

Andrea McCormack, Secretary 

Nina Manning, Treasurer

Ursula Howard, Women’s Committee Chair        

Eugene Williams, Men’s Committee Chair 

LaNette Murphy,Youth Committee Chair  

Juanita Forde, Younger Workers Committee Chair


[email protected]




May 1st, 2024 


Greetings CBTU Members: 

The Executive Board would like to have a meeting to prepare for the busy months ahead. There is so much happening quickly and it's important that we can get information to you. Please ensure you are signed up to the current Whatsapp chat. 

Please continue to follow the WhatsApp CBTU Ontario chat :


African Refugee Support


Dear CBTU Family and CBTU friends,

Enclosed are the details for the next Shared Closet event in support of the African Refugees in Canada.

The event will take place at the OPSEU Union Hall, located at 31 Wellesley Ave, Toronto, on the dates and times shown on the bulletin. Please join CBTU as we come together to assist those within our community who need our support the most. We are asking CBTU members, their families, and supporters for donations of time, finances, gently used clothing, toiletries, and more.

Please join CBTU and our alli Shared Closet as we actively work to improve living and working conditions within the Black community. 

Please share in your networks

In solidarity

CBTU - Canada

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