Region 1 Conference in New Jersey Well Attended

A delegation of 19 members were in attendance at the Region 1 Conference out of an approximate 120 total participants. Marie Clarke-Walker, Isabelle Miller, Holmann Richard, and Chris Wilson were all speakers/panellists bringing the Canadian perspective to the Women's, Men's, and Strategy sections of the conference. Yolanda McLean and Megan Whitfield assisted newly-acclaimed first-ever female Region 1 Director Sharon Lovelady-Hall with her Leadership workshop. Hans-Woosly Balan, Pierre-Richard Joseph and Holmann Richard arrived ready to man our fundraising booth, but unfortunately the border patrol denied our Chapter access to carry our promotional goods across the border so there was no chapter fundraising done this time. Thanks to Andrea McCormack for making the attempt to transport our goods, and next time, we may have to ask you to show a little leg:) Kidding!

Speaking of a little leg, a big thank you goes out to the South Jersey chapter for their excellent hosting of the Regional conference. They provided excellent entertainment on the opening night with singing and lip-singing acts from talented labour women supporting their chapter. A night many will not soon forget, and will have some digging in the crates for their Tina Turner albums! A special congratulations goes out to the entire acclaimed executive body of Region 1. It was sad to see Terry go as Regional Director, but Sharon will most definitely be kicking butt and taking names! When the members hand in all pictures, videos, blurbs etc we will put up a report on the Web site and videos on our YouTube channel.