Where's Our Obama Event a Great Success!

Over 50 people from a variety of communities and unions gathered together to have an inter generational discussion on race and racism within the Canadian political system.

Many thanks to the co sponsors of the event: CBTU Ontario Men’s Committee along with PSAC Workers of Colour Caucus coordinated and hosted the event. Co sponsors were LATUC, ACLA OPSEU’s racially visible Caucus and the OFL. Irwin Nanda, OFL VP, Marie Clarke Walker CLC VP and Sharon DeSousa PSAC REVP and Alvin Curling Special Advisor to Minister of Children and Youth Services were present.  Keynote speaker Mark Brown, a CBTU member, CUPW member and President of the Springdale NDP Riding Association presented the need for us to collectively look at the barriers to our community moving into the political arena but also motivated us to move forward with hope in an amazing presentation.

We want to take this time to especially thank Chris Wilson, Chair of the CBTU Ontario Men’s Committee , the PSAC staff and Lloyd Chair of PSAC Workers of Colour Caucus and their members for providing us with a safe venue where dialogue was open, honest, proactive and hopeful.

We look forward to the action plan results.

Mark Brown's Speech is available here.

The event photos are also available on our Facebook Page.