Black History Month Teaching Resource

PLEASE PROMOTE WIDELY ACROSS YOUR NETWORKS! Our very own Marie Clarke-Walker is featured in this learning guide about Black History Month. It is a fantastic accomplishment for our sister and for our community. Whether you are a teacher or a parent or a mentor, it is important to teach our children about their history. There is no minimum age requirement to teaching our youth about their history!

This program is suitable for grades 4-8.
Click on the link below to access the teacher’s copy of the workbook, which includes the answer keys.  

This program will inspire students and teachers to become fully engaged in celebrating Black History Month while at the same time, developing students’ media literacy skills. The questions are designed to encourage students to research, and then determine their position on a variety of subjects through the activities. The student workbook highlights the accomplishments of people from many walks of life—some well known; others you may not be familiar with.
We hope this program will be a valuable resource in your classroom as you teach this important aspect of Canadian history to your students this February or anytime throughout the school year.
Your classroom package will include:
• 25 copies of the Student Activity workbook
• 1 Teacher Resource Guide - pdf format