Congratulations to our CBTU members on Elections!

The CBTU endorsed Marie Clarke Walker as a proud CBTU member and advocate for workers of colour. CBTU applauds Hassan Husseini, who was also endorsed by our Chapter, for having initiated a "Take Back The CLC" movement, which resulted in historic change following the election of Hassan Yussuff as the first racialized President of the CLC (who is also now a CBTU member).

CBTU also congratulates the following Chapter members on their elections:

- Larry Rousseau on winning a 2nd term as Regional Executive Vice-President, National Capital Region (NCR) of the Public Service Alliance of Canada following his acclamation today at the NCR Regional Convention. Brother Rousseau's involvement in the GLBT, anti-racist, peace and social activist movements will continue to be an integral part of his engagement and commitment for social justice.

- Pierre-Richard Joseph was elected as a National Officer of the Telecommunications Workers Union at their annual convention. Brother Joseph joins sister Miller, sister Watt, and brother Balan as an unprecedented 4th worker of colour on their national board, and making their Montreal headquarter the only known all-black executive office in the province of Quebec.

- Megan Whitfield was elected CUPW's first black female President elected of the largest CUPW local in Canada, while Abdi Yusuf was elected as the first black chief steward at their Gateway East Postal Facility, and Sharon Paris was re-elected as assistant secretary treasurer. Megan (below) was photographed chairing her first meeting as President.

The CBTU would like to congratulate all its members on their wonderful accomplishments. CBTU looks forward to working in solidarity with each of these newly elected Officers as well as all our other accomplished members to advance the ongoing struggle for racial equality. These are great strides sisters and brothers!

Larry clc Marie Hassan