CBTU-Canada Statement on the Endorsement of Candidates

The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Canadian Chapter is a democratic organization made up of Black and other racialized trade unionists. As such, CBTU-Canada supports using the democratic process for approving resolutions, constitutional changes, the electing of leadership, and more.

As we approach a period where many conventions and elections are taking place throughout the Labour Movement, our Chapter is encouraged by the volume of workers of African descent and other racialized workers who are putting their names forward to serve in elected leadership positions. CBTU-Canada is further encouraged to know that many of those workers share the values of CBTU.

CBTU-Canada remains committed to our mission statement, which includes the promoting of access and the opening doors for Black workers and workers of colour within the Labour Movement. While CBTU is not an organization that endorses individual candidates in specific elections, our Chapter continues to motivate, encourage and support CBTU members of African-descent and other racialized CBTU members who share the values of CBTU and seek to be elected to leadership positions.

CBTU-Canada strives to build a fairer and more inclusive society by working in coalition with organized Labour and other allies whose mission is consistent with these objectives.

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African Refugee Support


Dear CBTU Family and CBTU friends,

Enclosed are the details for the next Shared Closet event in support of the African Refugees in Canada.

The event will take place at the OPSEU Union Hall, located at 31 Wellesley Ave, Toronto, on the dates and times shown on the bulletin. Please join CBTU as we come together to assist those within our community who need our support the most. We are asking CBTU members, their families, and supporters for donations of time, finances, gently used clothing, toiletries, and more.

Please join CBTU and our alli Shared Closet as we actively work to improve living and working conditions within the Black community. 

Please share in your networks

In solidarity

CBTU - Canada

Thank you,



The McClean family and Coalition of Black Trade Unionists would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in funding the CBTU Scholarship Fund. In memory of Sylvia McClean, a true god sent to everyone she met.

CBTU Membership Newsletter - 2024





January 18th, 2024 


Greetings CBTU Members: 


The Executive Board would like to Thank Janice Gairey for her endless work on the CBTU Canada Executive Board as President, Board member, and retired worker, and she was instrumental in advocating for Global African Workers. Janice is a phenomenal Leader who still does so much meaningful work in communities, labour bodies, and of course here at CBTU. Janice has decided to step away from the Executive Board to enjoy her well-deserved retirement. JaniceYour CBTU Family loves and adores you. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.


Taking a page out of Janice's Book with doing the important Community work, "being one among many" The Executive Board sees all that you are doing in your communities across Canada. Thank You. There is so much happening quickly and it's important that we can get information to you. Please ensure you are signed up to the current WhatsApp chat.


Please continue to follow the WhatsApp CBTU Ontario :





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