Chapter AGM November 14

Dear sisters and brothers,

As was communicated at the last meeting, we will be holding our Chapter's AGM and Executive Board elections on Monday November 14 at 6:30pm.

The meeting will be located at:

Union Marketing

35 Silton Rd

Vaughan, Ontario

The conference bridge information information will be communicated closer to the meeting date ONLY for members outside of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

The following positions are up for election for four (4) year terms:


1st Vice President

2nd Vice President

Treasurer / Financial Secretary

Recording Secretary

Communications Secretary

Social Media Officer

Membership Secretary

Member at Large (1)

Retiree Member at Large

Youth Member at Large

Trustee (1)

Trustee (2)

In accordance with our newly updated Chapter bylaws in effect as of October 3, 2016, the President shall appoint a Chair of the Election Committee who will be responsible for establishing a committee with representatives from the general membership. The Election Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of the election in accordance with these rules with approval of the membership.

No member of the Election Committee may be a candidate for office.

All nominations must be made by members in good standing, either from the floor or in writing in advance of the meeting if the nominator does not reside in the GTA. The nominee need not be present in order to have their name entered in nomination, providing they have a nominator and a written acceptance on file with the Recording Secretary.

Any candidate who is running for office shall have the right to have present, an official observer of his/her choosing in all places where ballots are to be counted.  This observer must be member in good standing.

Voting is by secret ballot for members in attendance at the meeting. Members residing outside of the city where the meeting is taking place shall be allowed to cast their ballot via email at cbtuont[email protected], and shall be counted by the Elections Committee.

Upon completion of the voting, ballots shall be tabulated and the candidate for each office receiving 50% plus one (1) of the votes cast for the office shall be declared elected.

The pre-election incumbents shall remain in office until the new officers assume office in January of the next year.

The outgoing President shall be an ex-officio member of the Board for a period of one year in order to facilitate a smooth transition from one administration to the next.

Any member in good standing may challenge the election process or the election by filing such a challenge in writing to the Election Committee within seven (7) days after the conclusion of the election.  The Election Committee shall make a determination regarding the challenge, and shall report its ruling to the membership.

All other election rules as included in the Chapter's Bylaws which were distributed at the last 3 GMMs and are available on our Web site in the "About" section.

Thank you!