CBTU Ontario Post-Election Report

The Coalition Of Black Trade Unionists, Ontario Canada Chapter has released our
detailed post-election analysis.

In summary, Doug Ford has formed a majority government but he does not speak for our community. Black votes mattered and resulted in increased representation within the legislature and helped the NDP form the opposition but it is clear that the voices of our community remain marginalized and the corridors of political power remain a white enclave of privilege and power.

Doug Ford’s decisions to end Police Oversight legislation, stop minimum wage increases, eliminate the cap-and-Trade climate change strategy, cut the school repair fund, cancel the sex education and indigenous curriculum, cut representation of Toronto Municipal councillors in half, received the lowest scores on our party report card and/or were not even the subject of the election campaign.

CBTU activists will continue to challenge racist public policies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels until we send Ford and his enablers home.


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