Global African Workers Webinar Series

Dear members,

Join us as voices from all over the world offer their perspective and insight on the pressing issues facing workers of African descent - both on the continent and throughout the diaspora.
Leaders from all over the world will address issues like COVID 19, rising authoritarianism, the scourge of white nationalism, and the plight of workers in facing unfettered capitalism.


  • Algernon Austin, PhD - Senior Researcher, LDF Thurgood Marshall Institute

  • Erica Bland Durosinmi - Executive VicePresident, SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana Missouri Kansas

  • Mercedes Fulbright - Organizing Director, Texas Working Families Party

  • L. Toni Lewis, MD - Founder Liberation Health Strategies, GAWI Founding Member

  • Marie Clarke Walker - Secretary Treasurer, Canadian Labour Congress, GAWI Founding Member, CBTU Member

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