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CBTU Celebrates Black History Month: El Jones

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Black History in Canada webinar a success. Over 250 participants had the pleasure of hearing El Jones perform this spoken word piece as part of the event's opening February 3, 2021. Please enjoy this video from the event, and join us for the remainder of our webinar series throughout February and March!

Emancipation Day March

CBTU continues to be a proud sponsor of the Emancipation Day March. For five years now, our Chapter has participated and we will not be deterred by the current pandemic; however, socially distant participation is strongly encouraged for all to feel safe!

Defunding the Police

“I can't breathe” …yet again are the words heard around the world.  Words which bellowed out of the mouths of George Floyd and Eric Garner, both of whom were Black victims of extrajudicial killing at the hands of police. Words that originate deep in the soul of the Black experience. “I can't breathe” is the response uttered far too often by those who live at the intersection of being Black and being policed, or being Black and policed while suffering from a mental health crisis. In the case of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police while sleeping in her bed, she never had the chance to even utter the words.

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