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Reminder: CBTU Chapter GMM on Sept 19, 2016 in Ottawa

Dear members,
In accordance with our current CBTU Chapter bylaws, we will be holding 2 separate General Membership Meetings over the course of the next 2 months to hold 3 consecutive votes on proposed changes to our Chapter bylaws (motion attached). The first meeting took place in August in Montreal, and the motion was unanimously supported. Please take time to read through the motion that shall be voted on.

CBTU Will Be At The World Social Forum!

logo en-01The CBTU will be present at the World Social Forum being held in Montreal from August 9 - 14, 2016. Created in 2001, in Brazil, the World Social Forum (WSF) is the biggest civil society gathering aiming to find solutions to contemporary issues, by establishing practical alternatives to the neoliberal economic model and politics founded on human beings and nature’s exploitation.
The WSF is a place of convergence for all social movements. Its aim: building together, in an impetus of international solidarity, a better world based on social and environmental justice, social and supportive economy, participative democracy and the acknowledgement of equal dignity of all human beings.
This is the first time the WSF is being held in North America. In light of the global crisis affecting all of humanity, it is crucial that we surpass the cleavages persisting and to invite movements and actors of solutions from all continents to act together.

Successful CBTU 45th International Convention

The CBTU held its 45th International Convention in Washington DC from May 25 - 29, 2016. The convention was very well attended, with delegates, speakers, panelists, moderators and masters of ceremony originating from the Ontario Canada Chapter. A large number of resolutions were passed this year, some of which originated from Canada. Topics ranged from carding, to the abolishment of outsourcing practices, to the protection of the Canadian postal service. An update of the final resolutions as amended are available HERE.

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