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CBTU International President Calls for Peace in Ferguson, MI

Labor Leader Address Violence in Ferguson, MI

Statement of Rev. Terry Melvin

International President, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists


We are living once again through the tragic serial drama of America. It is the depressing reality TV we get exposed to every few months. Every episode is different in the details. The actors change, the location is different, the facts vary – but the theme remains the same. An unarmed colored youth (either black or brown) under the age of 18 is tragically murdered by an armed law enforcer. The enforcer can be a cop, a community watch advocate, or a zealot vigilante. That title of the law enforcer isn’t as important as the fact that they are offered a shroud of vindication for attempting to enforce laws. The victim is always unarmed, physically intimidating though still a minor, and engaged in some questionable behavior. The community is always outraged at the murder, committed to demanding justice, and routinely labeled as rioters.

CBTU Chapter GMM Sept 10, 2014

Dear members,

Our CBTU Ontario Canada Chapter will be holding its next General Membership Meeting on September 10, 2014, at the OFL, 15 Gervais drive, Toronto. The meeting shall commence at 6:30pm, and the tentative agenda shall be distributed soon. If you require access by phone, please contact a member of the board to ensure your participation. We hope to see you there!

CBTU Intl Statement on Gaza

The current situation in the Middle East is sad and heart wrenching. CBTU does not support the violence perpetrated on both sides and instead implores all parties to look at the human suffering and cost of life that has occurred. CBTU supports and echoes the sentiments of the International Trade Union Confederation. Please see their statement below:

Stop Hudak, Vote Barriffe

The CBTU Ontario Canada Chapter calls upon our members and allies within the labour movement and community to Stop Hudak, and vote for Nigel Barriffe, NDP Candidate for Etobicoke North on June 12.
CBTU takes pride in our association with his campaign to "Build Home..." by creating a strong and caring community, where families in Etobicoke North can feel safe and secure.

CBTU Chapter GMM June 9

Please note that the next Ontario Canada Chapter GMM will be held at the OFL Building, 15 Gervais Drive, Toronto, on Monday, June 9 at 6:30pm.
The conference bridge info will be distributed closer to the date by email to anyone replying requiring the information. Thank you!

Congratulations to our CBTU members on Elections!

The CBTU endorsed Marie Clarke Walker as a proud CBTU member and advocate for workers of colour. CBTU applauds Hassan Husseini, who was also endorsed by our Chapter, for having initiated a "Take Back The CLC" movement, which resulted in historic change following the election of Hassan Yussuff as the first racialized President of the CLC (who is also now a CBTU member).

CBTU also congratulates the following Chapter members on their elections:

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