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Where's Our Obama - Black History Month Event

In celebration of Black History Month racialized community and labour organizations (Workers of Colour Caucus - OPSEU, Racially Visible Committee - PSAC, Latin American Trade Unionists Coalition - LATUC, Asian Canadian Labour Alliance - ACLC, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists - CBTA & the Ontario Federation of Labour) are co-sponsoring an event titled "Where is our Obama?" with the objective of mobilizing racialized workers including young workers for the upcoming 2015 Federal Election.

Hand in Hand: Sisters Sharing Hope Vision Solidarity

Well here it is.....the OFL International Women’s Day March 8th pin & poster for 2013!  The theme this year is ‘Hand in Hand: Sisters Sharing Hope Vision Solidarity’.   The pin and poster reflect that theme.  We have attached a photo of the pin - it is gold tone & glazed and even more beautiful when you see it in person with the colours more vibrant than on paper.

Election Results!

Congratulations to all Officers elected at the November 13th Chapter Meeting held at the OFL in Toronto!

President: Janice Gairey

1st Vice-President: Andrea McCormack

2nd Vice-President: Holmann Richard

Treasurer/Financial Secretary: Sharon Paris

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