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Reminder: Next General Chapter Meeting September 10

The Chapter’s next General Membership Meeting will be on Monday September 10, 6pm, at the PSAC Office at 90 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 608 (Just east of Yonge & Eglinton). There is Green P parking across the street and the office is easily accessible by subway. If you live outside of the GTA and need to participate by phone, the conference bridge number is Toll-free 1-866-440-4486, ConferenceID 4665531. Thank you and hope to see/hear you there!

Region 1 Conference in New Jersey Well Attended

A delegation of 19 members were in attendance at the Region 1 Conference out of an approximate 120 total participants. Marie Clarke-Walker, Isabelle Miller, Holmann Richard, and Chris Wilson were all speakers/panellists bringing the Canadian perspective to the Women's, Men's, and Strategy sections of the conference. Yolanda McLean and Megan Whitfield assisted newly-acclaimed first-ever female Region 1 Director Sharon Lovelady-Hall with her Leadership workshop. Hans-Woosly Balan, Pierre-Richard Joseph and Holmann Richard arrived ready to man our fundraising booth, but unfortunately the border patrol denied our Chapter access to carry our promotional goods across the border so there was no chapter fundraising done this time. Thanks to Andrea McCormack for making the attempt to transport our goods, and next time, we may have to ask you to show a little leg:) Kidding!

Update on Our Chapter President

Our Chapter President Janice Gairey recently took a tumble down the front steps of the OFL Building, suffering major bruising to her legs and face. Luckily the extent of the physical damage was not more serious, but as a result she is not at work and was not able to be present at the Region 1 conference. We all wish Janice a speedy recovery, and I am sure she will be good to hit the dance floor at the dinner dance!

New Region 1 Logo Submitted for a Vote

One of our members, Liam Joseph, has submitted a new Region 1 logo design to the Region's officers for approval. The design is a little more consistent with our Chapter's new logo that debuted earlier this year, in an attempt to revamp the CBTU look. So far the logo received positive reviews. We'll keep you posted on whether the Regional approves it for use or not.

WFTU Statement on South African Mine Killings


Athens, August 17, 2012


The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its deepest condolences to the families of all victims at the outrageous conflict in Lonmin mine in South Africa. We are on the side of the SACP and NUM and we express our solidarity with their efforts to defend the real rights of workers and the freedom of trade union action.

Premiers should soundly reject Harper Government’s low-wage Schemes

It has become clear that the federal government, supported by a number of employer organizations, has a plan for transforming Canada’s labour market in ways that will profoundly hurt Canadians.

It’s a four-prong strategy which includes the dramatic expansion of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), the erosion of Employment Insurance, raising the country’s retirement age, as well as a systematic effort to undermine the ability of unions to stand up for the rights of working people and improve their standard of living.

Political drama for Tory Fundraising campaign!

Man vying for broadcast licence urged to
donate to Tory fundraiser
OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Jul. 26 2012, 7:50 PM EDT Last updated Thursday, Jul. 26 2012, 7:57 PM EDT
The chairman of a proposed new Toronto radio station says he was asked to attend and contribute to a Conservative fundraiser while he was applying for a new federal broadcasting licence.

Chapter Updates

Below is a general update on for CBTU and our Chapter:

The Region 1 Conference is taking place at the Sheraton Hotel Atlantic City August 23-26 2012 at a pre-registration cost of $180 if submitted by July 30. They are encouraging Chapters to bring youth participants at a cost of $ 80.00 for registration so if you have any children/grandchildren that would like to attend please let  Andrea McCormack know by email at  [email protected]. We are hoping to sponsor a few youth from the Chapter to attend. Forms were included in the call out package. The Chapter needs to put forward names for the Region 1/ 3 regular awards and the special Award of Distinction, so if you have any recommendations please forward them to Marie C Walker at [email protected]. A bio and the reason why the person should receive the award should be included in the recommendations.

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