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Message from Janice Gairey

Dear members,

I wanted everyone to know that I have stepped down as CBTU Chapter President effective immediately. Andrea McCormack is now the Acting President for the duration of the term (November 2014). My total confidence is with her and the amazing Executive to continue the collective proactive work that has been the official mandate of this Chapter. This Chapter will always remain an integral part of my daily life and they know I am only a phone call away always. It has been an honour and privilege to represent black workers’ interests nationally and internationally wherever and whenever I could in my capacity as Chapter President and as the first Canadian International Board member. Those moments will be cherished forever in my heart and soul.

CBTU Chapter GMM

There will be a CBTU Ontario, Canada Chapter General Membership Meeting held on Monday April 22, 2013 at 6pm at the OFL on 4th floor. Please mark it in your calendars. We look forward to seeing you all there! If you require participation by telephone due to distance, please drop us a line for us to make arrangements.

Summit To Address Gun Violence

CBTU Ontario, Canada Chapter members joined together on March 21st with African Canadian community leaders, key government officials, representatives of major public institutions and other stakeholders in a Summit convened on the International Day for the Elimination of Racism to address the issues of marginalization and social exclusion that have contributed to the current crisis among African Canadian youth, and in particular, the disproportionate level of gun violence.

Where's Our Obama Event a Great Success!

Over 50 people from a variety of communities and unions gathered together to have an inter generational discussion on race and racism within the Canadian political system.

Many thanks to the co sponsors of the event: CBTU Ontario Men’s Committee along with PSAC Workers of Colour Caucus coordinated and hosted the event. Co sponsors were LATUC, ACLA OPSEU’s racially visible Caucus and the OFL. Irwin Nanda, OFL VP, Marie Clarke Walker CLC VP and Sharon DeSousa PSAC REVP and Alvin Curling Special Advisor to Minister of Children and Youth Services were present.  Keynote speaker Mark Brown, a CBTU member, CUPW member and President of the Springdale NDP Riding Association presented the need for us to collectively look at the barriers to our community moving into the political arena but also motivated us to move forward with hope in an amazing presentation.

Black History Month Statement

Last month a number of Trade Unionists from Canada travelled to the second inauguration ceremony of President Barack Obama.  While there we attended the American History Museum where we saw exhibits about the Emancipation and the March on Washington.  What struck us about the exhibits was the connection of the two events to the labour movement and that of exploited workers.

Where's Our Obama - Black History Month Event

In celebration of Black History Month racialized community and labour organizations (Workers of Colour Caucus - OPSEU, Racially Visible Committee - PSAC, Latin American Trade Unionists Coalition - LATUC, Asian Canadian Labour Alliance - ACLC, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists - CBTA & the Ontario Federation of Labour) are co-sponsoring an event titled "Where is our Obama?" with the objective of mobilizing racialized workers including young workers for the upcoming 2015 Federal Election.

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