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Help Needed in Barbuda

Dear members:

The island of Barbuda has been evacuated as there is total damage. People have lost everything.

In response, the Antiguan Consulate in Toronto is collecting items to ship on September 23 by air for emergency aid.

CBTU-International President Statement on Unit the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

August 14, 2017

Statement by Rev. Terry Melvin

President, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

This weekend the worst of our Nation gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia to demand the restoration of white supremacy. Under the guise of “Uniting the Right,” white racists rallied under the banners of the Confederate Flag, the Nazi Flag, and most importantly their whiteness. No longer donning hooded masks, they grabbed their red MAGA caps and Tiki torches and made a public display that their white privilege will no longer be threatened by the voice and inclusion of non-heterosexual white males. This is what this was all about. White people fearing they have lost their power to oppress others. In their fear of losing control, and empowered by a leader who is silent about their hate, they marched angrily and when that didn’t work they took to violence to prove their point. In grand irony, these white racists grabbed the banners of regimes toppled by American greatness. The Confederate treasonous rebels were vanquished by an American army made up of Blacks and Whites. It was the inclusion of Black soldiers that helped us defeat these former slave owners. In Nazi Germany, it was brave US soldiers, both Black and White once again, who helped stop the continued genocide of millions of Jews and end the rule of Adolf Hitler. These great victories in American history are now vilified by the descendants of the very Americans who brought us victory. The only thing Confederates and Nazis share in common is that they were both defeated, and like history has taught, they will again be defeated by a coalition of Americans representing our great Nation. As Black folk, we have always known this side of America exists. Racism has never disappeared. Racial attacks have not ended. And white men exerting their power and privilege on others is nothing new. What is unique is the tone deaf silence we find in the 45th President. Trump has been apt to condemn and mock anyone or anything he finds offensive. He has no problem commenting on women bleeding, but has no comment when someone is literally bleeding from being hit by a car. His lack of commentary is indicative of his relationship to the white racists. While I do not believe all those who support this president are racist, I do believe all racists support this president. His lack of actions and words have reinforced this fact. We at CBTU condemn the racists and white supremacists of Charlottesville. While we appreciate that they have left their hooded Klan cloaks at home, we do not tolerate their hate. We as Black Americans have a history of confronting and surviving this type of hate. It is second nature to us. And while the rest of America may be shocked to see it so vividly, we see it daily. It is a known enemy that we have fought for centuries and will continue to fight until we see it eradicated. We at CBTU support the counter protestors and commit to stay in the fight against all White racists wherever they may be.

CBTU-Ontario Canada Statement Condemning Recent Displays of Hate and Violence in Charlottesville Virginia

The Coalition of Black Trade Unionist Ontario-Canada (CBTU) stands with the people of Charlottesville Virginia against the recent wave of hate and violence that has visited the city. Unlike the 45th President of the United States CBTU Ontario-Canada will not hesitate to condemn the white supremacy that has fueled the most recent displays of hate and violence in that city, throughout the United States and into Canada. CBTU will further not hesitate to label those at the engine of white supremacy as domestic terrorist both north and south of the Canada/United states border.

2017 CBTU-Canada Annual Charity Golf Tournament

June 7, 2017

Dear Friends,

CBTU (Coalition of Black Trade Unionists) Ontario Canada Chapter will be hosting its annual charity golf tournament at the beautiful Richmond Hill Golf Course on August 15th, 2017. This is an initiative we started two years ago in an effort to raise funds for scholarships in the Black Canadian Community.

CBTU President Statement on the Acquittal of Philando Castile’s Murderer

No Justice for Philando Castile: CBTU President Statement on the Acquittal of Philando Castile’s Murderer

Statement by Rev. Terrence L. Melvin
President, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
On Friday, June 16, justice was not served again, as the officer in the shooting death of Philando
Castile was found not-guilty. This pattern of injustice would reach comedic heights if not for the
bodies buried as a punchline. The justice system has sent a message that under any conditions an
officer can murder a black person with zero reprisal, zero accountability, and zero punishment. This
verdict maintains the precedent that in relationship to other races, Black Lives Do Not Matter.
Many people will point out that the officer in question was Latino and therefore race has nothing to do
with this case, but that is a narrow and rather naive approach to the conversation. The race of the
officer matters not in these cases, what matters are the victims and the system perpetuating the
violence. Systemic racism is where we find our most oppressive systems memorialized in institutions.
While the race of officers may vary, the fact that all officers are empowered and encouraged to enact
violent justice on Blacks means that the system is the racial aggravator not the individual. Any officer
of any race can be lured into the practice of racial injustice by their commanders, the protocols they
are forced to follow, and the environment they work in. It could have been a Black officer who shot
Philando and this would still be a case of racism. That is because the American justice system and
our police institutions promote and propagate this racial inequity.
Police Officers need to address the system they work under. When we have a racist household, we
can always assume the children will grow up to be racist too. Such is the same with systemic racism.
Any person who becomes an officer is indoctrinated in a racist system that encourages the
mistreatment of Blacks. The trainers care not of the race of the trainees as long as protocol was
followed. And, the protocol is to kill a Black person and suffer no consequence.
With ample videos, and witnesses, and statements available it seemed like Philando and his family
would be the rare case that received justice. Once again, we were fooled to believe that even in overt
cases we could achieve some vindication. We have once again been taught a different lesson. And
just like how a racist household raises racist kids, homes fearful of police will raise children distrustful
of officers. We are breeding racists who in turn are creating anarchists, as our communities no longer
trust law and order and seek solutions outside the parameters of a system designed to oppress them.
Philando will not get justice from a crooked system, but his legacy will empower a generation to fight
back. I am worried, for as JFK once said: “Those that make people revolution impossible, make
violent revolution inevitable.” I hope the system can change peacefully before others force it to
change violently. The violence must stop, but it has to start first with them not killing us. Then and
only then can we begin to fix it properly.

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